A new way
to invest.

Easy Invest is a platform that allows anyone to start their investment journey using their OTT Voucher.

- No minimum monthly payments
- No bank account is required
- No debit orders
- You don’t have to be employed.


Start with
what you have,
when you have it.


What is Easy Invest?

Easy Invest is a platform that allows anyone to start their investment journey without complexity or intimidation.

We remove the limitations of having to be banked or requiring a minimum monthly amount by giving you the option to pay with an OTT Voucher.

You can now invest in licensed financial services companies so that you can build a financially secure future.

Saving is
not investing!

Investing is about making your money work for you.
It’s about taking charge of your financial security and allowing you to grow your wealth.

Feature section

A Flexible Investment
, with Momentum.

It's a unit trust that gives you a way to invest your money in highly successful companies by combining it with thousands of like minded investors.

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What do clients invest in?

A Momentum Unit Trust.

What is a Unit Trust?

It's a sum of money made by investors into different companies. Normally you couldn't invest into these companies because their shares are unattainable.

By pooling money together, we can all enjoy investments into different companies

How does Momentum help?

They select the companies to invest in that do really well, and if they don't do well, Momentum move to another to make sure your investment is safe and keeps on growing.


How it works



These guys sell cars, are doing well most of the time


This company sells phones. Their market share is 30% and rising


They sell shoes and the demand for shoes is rising all the time

If company A is underperforming, we will find another share, or move your money more into C and B.

This type of monitoring happens daily.
Making sure you get the best return for your investment.

Invest any amount you want right now.

The information contained on this website is aimed at providing members of the public with guidance in Investing.
Easy Invest, OTT and Cliquefin aren’t a credit provider or financial institution.